SaaS Software as a service

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The way businesses are using business critical software seems to be changing rapidly.

The trend see them moving more and more towards Software as a service (SaaS) applications.

What is basically means is that instead of buying a software license outright it is licensed on a demand basis usually online. The most common SaaS applications are licensed on a monthly basis in the form of a web based application. There are lots of these SaaS web applications out there now, most prominently Customer Relationship Managers (CRM), Online Billing, Email Marketing and of course Content Mangement Systems.

These systems have great benefits:

As there is not the massive initial outlay, instead small monthly payments which help with cash flow and Tax.

There is no painful upgrading procedures as they are all taken care of for you online.

You can cease the service on a monthly basis.

As they are web based you can access them from any ware some even from your mobile.

I will detail some of the best SaaS application in detail in future posts.

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