How to find a web designer

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Finding a web designer requires quite bit of though and research. Don’t just pick up the Yellow Pages and call the first first one you come across.

First thing you should do is talk to like minded people, friends or business contacts about their experiences with web design companies.

Once you have gathered a few names together research them online. Visit their websites, see if they have experience in your sector, if you like their style of design, if they meet your technical requirements.

Also see where they appear in Google for ‘web design in your locality e.g. ‘web design in Suffolk‘ if they don’t rank well for their own website they probably won’t be able to optimise your site that well.

Once you have whittled the options down to two or three arrange to meet with them. You are not going to be using them for a one off service you are going to be entering into an ongoing business relationship so it’s import to be able to communicate well with them.

Costs are always a concern and the price of a website can vary greatly. The larger the company you are dealing with the more a website may cost due to larger overheads, but you are also getting greater security. Having said that freelance designers can do just as good a job at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some UK web design directories that may be of some help…

Uk Web design Association

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