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I’m going to add my two pennies worth to this ongoing debate and I will try and update as often as I have new information.

CMS or content management system are software systems that allow website owners to update the content of their website without needing any technical knowledge.

I am going to try and give my reviews from a Web designers and an end users point of view.

So the contenders so far are…


WordPress started out just as a blogging tool but now people are realising it can be a powerful CMS. Lots of designers are using it to deploy small/medium websites.

As a designer I find it quite time consuming to implement complex designs into the templating system.

As an end user if you are not using the blogging tools they overly complicate the administration.


In essence a powerful and robust Content Management System.

The first time I installed Joomla to try it out I went straight in and tried to add some content to the home page of the site, I couldn’t figure it out in twenty minutes so I gave up. Some may say I should have read the instruction, but, in my opinion if I can’t figure it out I would not be happy about passing it on to a client.

Frog CMS

A relative newcomer to this debate but a great little CMS none the less. Easy to implement designs into the template system and a very easy to use backend.

The built in blogging system needs to be improved. More pluggins needed. Generally it needs more people supporting it.

More to come…

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