Calls to action

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Topics: small business advice, web design

What do you want a visitor to your website to do?

This is the called the ‘most wanted response’ (MWR). We see it all the time on ecommerce sites, with ‘buy now’ and ‘add to basket’ everywhere your look. On brochure/service based sites, however, calls to action are often over looked. This may not be the fault of the web designer. The client supplies the content and they add it to a page. If the content of the page is enough to engage the user your want a response from them without them having to break concentration and go look for the ‘contact us’ link in the main navigation. You want to make the user experience as smooth as possible and at the same as getting your most wanted response.

Calls to action don’t have to be hard sell, garish buttons. Simple text links at the bottom of an article can work just as well e.g. ‘Click here to get in touch’.

It’s a no brainer, get some calls to action.

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