What You Should Know About Android for App and Web Development

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If you’re a skilled person working in web development or create android apps, you must acknowledge that an app never succeeds suddenly, it takes time and it is the result of many decisions made on time by the app developer. The key is to recognize the value of fast performance, strength, and cross device compatibility because not all users downloading that app use the same android device. You must remember the fact that the device that run the same operating system and contain identical parts may give tough time to an app that runs smoothly on another device of the same type.

First and foremost, while developing an android app, you should know that your application is basically software and it will have to behave in compliance to other software already working on the same device. And it is these ‘other software’ that may create problems for your app. A common problem of android operating system is platform fragmentation. However, operating system rarely causes problems to its own behavior and especially to its developer. In addition to this problem, there are hardware related issues OEM updates, and several other problems. OEMs is a big reason of the popularity that android enjoys today because it enables the software to run on plenty of devices that come in many different shapes, sizes, and prices. Another plus point of this software is the power of its infrastructure that works excellent in line with Linux kernel and middleware.

The best approach is to begin testing your app from version 4.0 of android that is known as Ice Cream Sandwich and stands on API level 14. Testing will help you make best use of support for all possible modifications of android. In order to maximize your support, you can start your testing from android version 2.3.3 that is called android Ginger bread. Most app developers think that 2.3.3 is an older version and is not in use. But they should remember that android versions that are older than 4.0 are still being used by a lot of people and their use will continue for some good reason. According to Q1 research performed this year by collecting data from Testdroid, some important facts to consider are:

  • 23% of apps crash when the user installs a new version of android
  • Although there are very few users who still use Gingerbread, but some apps successfully work for older versions. When an app runs on version 2.2, it will probably run the same on a version older than 2.2
  • 50% android updates encountered problems that also triggered the apps failing in various tests.
  • One testing cycle reduces the problem in the respective app by 1.75%

In fact web development professionals coming in the field of android app development need to keep themselves updated because the world of android eco-system is always changing. There is a newer OS version, hardware componentComputer Technology Articles, or device coming every month.

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